Saturday, January 24, 2009

Al Gordon 4 Mile Race ... now a 5K

Apologies for the delay in posting this - have been fighting a battle with a recalcitrant Norton Internet Security file that's crashing my laptop (for the moment, I'm winning).

Anyway, as an earlier comment points out, the Al Gordon 4-Mile run in Prospect Park, slotted for Saturday, Feb. 21, is now a 5K. Furthermore, the planned separate starts for men and women are no more -- it's now an all-comers race at 9 a.m. (Note, use this link, or seek the page from the calendar - the link from the NYRR home page is incorrect).

In the larger scheme of things, this is more of an irritant than anything else (as the commenter pointed out, child care now becomes an issue). No idea yet what the 5K course will be (there are a couple of tried and true ones in the park), and the likelihood that the Manhattan throng will trek out to Brooklyn that morning is low (3,000 participants maybe? We'll see).

(And remember, there's the Cherry Tree 10-mile race/3 person relay that Sunday.)

Still ... c'mon.

Memories of the Brooklyn Half's late shift last year still rankle some runners. I'm hugely in favor of more races outside of Central Park (though more races in Prospect Park isn't necessarily the solution).

If anyone is aware of why the late changes were made (permitting issue? Realization that the park loop is 3.35 miles -- I was curious what route they would take, but figured they'd end on the transverse, like the Brooklyn Half course.), please respond.

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