Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Prospect Park Status?

How's Prospect Park?  Anyone go out today? (It's gotta be better than the rest of Brooklyn). I'm guessing ... runnable albeit some places where it's pretty slippery as the snow starts to get packed down.

Our friend Chicken Underwear went out yesterday for four loops (some photos - scroll down past the shot of his car)



Chicken Underwear said...

that was not my car. I parked on the left side of the street, on corner. Pulled out without the use of a shovel.

GZaMbRaN said...

Is Prospect Park runnable yet?

Rebecca said...

Just got back from 2 loops of the park - there's a plowed path all the way around, a little slushy in spots but not too bad, not sure how it'll be in the early morning though, may still be cold enough to freeze and get slippery.