Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Running Goals for 2011?

It's around this time of year, especially after the racing season has come to and in, that I'm surrounded by event calendars and training plans as I try to figure out what challenges/goals to I pursue in 2011?

*The marathon or the mile? Do I aim to run faster, or longer (at a relatively faster time?)
*Roads or trails?
*What races to I target. And where? Brooklyn? New York state? National? International?

Running Times
is out with a short list of training goals, which is rather intriguing:

*Run your fastest mile in 5 years
*Run a 100-mile week
*Run every day of the year
*Do 60 pushups
*Improve your hamstring flexibility by 20 degrees

The article is not yet on the Web site, though in the Jan.-Feb. issue, out on newsstands now

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