Thursday, December 16, 2010

NYRR Responds to NYC Half Criticism

OK, the word "criticism" is mild here. If you don't like NYRR, you have to read the pages and pages of comments on Facebook (maybe you can bundle it into a Kindle book ...)

And here's the mea culpa.

One solution they raised: If you run 4 of the 5 half marathon races, you get guaranteed entry in 2012. That's a decent solution.

My one reponse: Tell us *now* when those races are, and don't switch the friggin' dates on us.

And please, please, have an orderly process for the Brooklyn Half application whenever the race is posted.

If Sean Haubert, director of social media for NYRR is reading this post (you can comment on NYCRuns as well), please make sure that the process is fair, timely, and people don't get closed out without warning. And feel free to comment on NYCRuns, since a forum has been established for people to vent.


Anonymous said...

Indeed I am reading. I will do everything in my power to ensure that happens. That includes making sure everyone gets tiemly updates to any approaching race caps.

Sean @ NYRR

Brett said...

Is there any NY running blog Sean isn't on this week? I've been a critic of NYRR but I do appreciate their efforts to reach out.

Laura said...

TOTALLY agree on setting the dates in advance. I don't know of any other organizations that shift half/full marathons around the way NYRR does, which is extremely unfair for many people. A half marathon is a long enough distance that people may travel for it, compared to a 5M/10K that will mainly attract locals.