Friday, August 7, 2009

Summer Streets is Back! Aug. 8, 15, 22

Apologies for being somewhat infrequent in the blogposts over the past several weeks - other priorities have caught up to me (I've even neglected my fantasy baseball team - and am paying for it).

So, will catch up this weekend. Most importantly: A great running route has opened up for a short time only: Summer Streets is back in Manhattan. Starting tomorrow, and continuing for the next two weekends, you can run from the Brooklyn Bridge to the 72nd St. entrance in Central Park -- on a car-free boulevard! (OK, if you run in the middle of the day, you'll have to deal with the dreaded tourist pedestrian, but it's *probably* easier than trying to battle cars and trucks).

Most of this is an opportunity to run down Park Avenue -- and we should take advantage!

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