Friday, August 7, 2009

Quick NYRR Hits

- Tomorrow's race in Central Park is the club championships (I'm linking to a race preview to show why you should care), and you must be a member of a local running club (among other restrictions) to participate).

- The NYRR race in Brooklyn on Dec. 12 is a 5K. One e-mailer told me the course would follow the same route as the Al Gordon 5K in February, which is definitely possible.

- Race registration is open for the remaining 2009 races - it's a good opportunity to take stock of the number of qualifying races that you've done for next year's New York Marathon, and figure out which ones you need to do (and need to volunteer for).

- Nice profile piece of the Prospect Park Track Club in the latest New York Runner magazine. And a nice cover shot of a runner on the Brooklyn Bridge. (I might add, it's somewhat unrealistic to see the bridge *that empty* during summer daylight hours, but perhaps the tourist horde is just around the bend.)

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