Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Help Greg Fight Cancer 5K

I wasn't there, but heard reports of hundreds of people at last night's 5K in Prospect Park, a race to help raise money for Greg Hamilton, who is battling cancer. Anyone go? Race reports appreciated. (I also heard the course - a deviation from the traditional 5K in the park - was very challenging and a lot of fun by running on a lot of the paths).

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Jess said...

I was there. They said there were over 1,000 participants...they ran out of race numbers in the end. Marty Markowitz started out the evening (he didn't run, as far as I know...)

The course started at Bartell Prichard Square, turned onto center drive, and then veered off to the right and around the paths. It looped back up the tough hill by the picnic house and then back around. It was definitely a muggy evening, but everyone was in good spirits.