Thursday, July 2, 2009

Summer Training Season Arrives

And of course, it's raining. Again.

While you have the work week start of summer (Memorial Day), the official start of summer (June 21) and the end of school start of summer (for New York public schools it was June 26), the Fourth of July weekend generally means to me that it's time to kick it in for summer training.

For some of you, it's going to mean targeting some specific summer races. For others (including myself), it means scaling back and getting our bodies ready for the fall road races/cross-country/marathon season - or some combination.

I look at the next two months as getting the body strong. Working out the muscles we might not have previously. Getting the solid distance base in, with minimal speed. Doing some plyometric workouts at the forgiving Cadman Plaza park's artificial turf. Running hills off the East River. Using the local gyms (and, dare I say it, the Wii Fit) to tone the body.

I've been playing around with the different races upcoming on my personal calendar (and I'll help you do this with a posting of some races for the next half of the year this weekend). But it's time to figure out what I (you) want to do, and start planning out the workouts, and the races. The New York Marathon is less than 18 weeks away


Oh, I forgot, I'm most likely running Philadelphia, less than 21 weeks away


OK, enough whining. The rain has stopped for now. And doubtless we'll get some of that heat and humidity. Nine weeks (10 weekends) sit ahead of us to get some quality runs in. I'm going to use the Fort Hamilton/Prospect Park/Van Cortlandt speed series. I'm going to head out to the track in Red Hook for some workouts. I'm going to plot out some nice long distance runs to explore parts of Brooklyn I've never seen. I will run over a lot of bridges, and complain about the water fountains that aren't working ... or simply aren't there.

And hopefully take some of you along with me for the ride.

Let's get started.

(Err, after I deal with the burning smell on the kitchen stove.)

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