Friday, July 10, 2009

Quick Update

Long week on the work front. But I've raced twice in the past 7 days - in Staten Island and in the Prospect Park speed series (no results yet), so no complaints. Definitely starting to see some of the summer doldrums -- even some of my favorite blogs aren't being updated frequently (ohh, wait, pot calling the kettle black, I guess.)

This weekend, the NYRR has one of their supported long-distance runs, ranging from 6 to 20 miles in Central Park. These runs are especially great if you don't have anyone to do long runs with and/or want to set a certain pace. These are a little earlier in the season than previous years, though there are plenty of halfs (or longer) to help in your marathon preparation. I seem to recall paying $5 to $7 for them - if you haven't signed up, though, it'll cost you $15 for race-day registration (and you don't even get a T-shirt!) The next one is Aug. 1.

There's also a race in Central Park on Saturday, a 5K, for those interested.

Here's an admittedly incomplete list of some upcoming races:

July 11, Ladder 5 5K, (XC) Staten Island

July 14, Party with a Package 5K, Hoboken, NJ

July 16, VCTC Cross-Country 5K, Van Cortlandt

July 18, Run for Central Park, 4M, Central Park

July 22, Al Gordon Speed Series, 5K, Prospect Park

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