Friday, July 31, 2009

Aug. 25 Race to Support One of Our Own

Add this to your calendar among the many worthy races this summer and fall to raise funds for folk and charities: A JackRabbit employee, Greg Hamilton, is battling testicular cancer, and the store is coordinating a fund-raising race on Aug. 25 in Prospect Park to defray the mountain of expenses that aren't covered by insurance. Volunteers are also needed for the race, which runs on the sidewalks and trails of the park, rather than the traditional loop.

From an e-mail I got today:

"Greg Hamilton was diagnosed with testicular cancer in June of 2009. The cancer has spread, so he is currently undergoing four months of chemotherapy, and if that is not successful he intends to undergo major surgery to remove the cancer from every part of his body. Before the diagnosis he was training to run his first Ultramarathon, a 50 miler. Now, between the disease and the chemo, he struggles to climb the stairs to his apartment. His dream of joining the FDNY has been put on hold while he focuses all of his energy on getting better.

Greg is 22 years old, and has worked at JackRabbit since he arrived in NYC almost two years ago. As an assistant manager first in the Union Sq store and now in the Brooklyn store, Greg has helped thousands of people start running, get faster, and reach their goals. This is our opportunity to give back for all the support he’s given us over the years. "

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