Monday, July 20, 2009

Mmm, Free Gu ....

Back in the days, runners would be enticed by free beer. (One race shelled out a free half-gallon jug of pale ale ... to all ages! Heaven for a 16-year-old!)

But, it being the 2000s, we should be happy with what we can get. Including, that's right, free Gu, if you train in Prospect Park or Central Park at certain times and are spotted wearing some JackRabbit clothing.

The announcement from the JackRabbit Web site:

"... Anyone wearing the JackRabbit bunny - be it on a shirt, hat, backpack, sweatband in Central Park or Prospect Park will receive free Gu!

Starting this Sunday, July 19th and almost every weekend leading up to the NYC Marathon we will provide complimentary GU to anyone in the park between 9am and 12noon. We will be stationed at Engineers Gate in Central Park and on West Drive at the park entrance at Garfield Place.

Also, we've created a special technical JackRabbit NYC 'Skyline' Brooks shirt just for these supported runs. They're available at any of our JackRabbit locations and are just $5.

We'll be in Prospect Park every Sunday beginning July 19th and the following Sundays in Central Park:

July 19 Support, July 26 NO, August 2 Support, August 9 Support, August 16 NO, August 23 Support, August 30 Support, September 6 Support, September 13 Support, September 20 Support, September 27 NO, October 4 Support, October 11 Support, October 18 Support, October 25 NO."

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Liz said...

That is too funny. Great advertising idea...

For those who want to break out of Central Park for running, look at "Fun on Food IN New York" by Warwick and Nola Ford. Great resource on interesting trails in the city and nearby, even upstate NY (populated areas). Helps give you new places to try, with all the pertinent details provided in advance, such as restrooms, public transit, food and beverage spots and water fountains.

It's easy to get stuck on the same route -- this gives options.