Sunday, June 28, 2009

Training Programs

Ahh, the heady days of summer have arrived. Might we have a rain-free day today? (Well, yesterday was just a blip, a refreshing douse). And do you have your training program set for the fall marathon?

Eighteen weeks from today, the New York Marathon takes place. Eighteen weeks is the traditional training program length that's suggested. Eighteen weeks starts ... RIGHT NOW!

There a few places out there that you can get some help, especially if you're willing to fork over a few bucks. No endorsement implied by listing any of them - just presenting some options.

The New York Marathon is offering its own training program, an online, 18-week course conducted by Andrew Kastor. The cost of 18 weeks is $45.

Also, NYRR has six sample schedules posted, created by the Glovers (though only distance is listed - and just plodding along at the same pace for 18 weeks isn't likely to help you do anything other than ... run the race at that pace.). For more effectiving training, they offer sessions during the week through NYRR set up by skill level that are well worth at least a sampling if you've never done any kind of interval work. These take place in Central Park.

Through a nifty interactive feature, the New York Times offers sample plans from the likes of Jeff Galloway (great for beginners), Grete Waitz and Greg McMillan.

JackRabbit Sports has a 16 week training class starting July 16 taught by Jonathan Kane, meeting at Grand Army Plaza. Cost is $325.

Also, Brooklyn Road Runners' member Scott Ruplinger has a training program as part of Marathon Training Systems, with training done in both Prospect and Central parks. The cost is $350, or a fundraising commitment of $600, and you can sign up on

One note: Before entering any of these training programs, you'll note they all recommend you have a certain base level of mileage before you start, so please take the words of caution seriously.

OK, hit the roads!

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