Saturday, June 20, 2009

Owl's Head Park

For those of us in the Brooklyn Heights/Park Slope area of Brooklyn, it's easy to get tied into running routes that encompass the Brooklyn Bridge, Prospect Park, or places in between. That's why it's nice to get out and explore other parts of Brooklyn.

Today's route has been done before in longer fashion, but it was a fairly straight out and back from Grand Army Plaza to Owl's Head Park, running through Sunset Park and into Bay Ridge It's roughly 5 miles there (10 miles roundtrip), and that's before you do anything in the park. There's a mighty nice grassy uphill/downhill in a few places in the park that I think will serve me well for some cross-country training later this summer (haven't checked out the footing, but I'm optimistic.)

Obviously, if you're out this far, a run along the water toward the Verrazano Bridge can bring about some added miles. Not many water options along the route (we chose 5th Avenue, but obviously there are others), so worth bringing a bottle or some money for one of the bodegas (or you can hit up one of the store owners hosing the sidewalks for a blast of New York's freshest).

As the summer goes along, I'll try to add different routes (click on the Favorite 10-Mile Plus Runs to see some others), to offer some suggestions for people looking to build mileage for the fall.


Samantha said...

Very nice, I've been meaning to run by the Verrazano for ages.

Kristan said...

I live by the Verrazano and have actually done a very similar route to Prospect Park. It is great but just be ready for crowds on 5th Ave through Sunset Park. It can be a little stop and go and a lot of weaving.

ChickenUnderwear said...

I run that way a few times. I would recommended 2nd Ave. Less congestion, more "old urban decay".