Saturday, June 13, 2009

Random Thoughts on a Saturday Morning

Would rather be running this AM rather than blogging, but sometimes other priorities come up. Still, a chance to go through some assorted stuff that's accumulated in my brain (and e-mail box) in no apparent order ...

-- My first reaction when I saw this article on the new High Line: I must run on it ... For a time, I worked near the portion around 34th Street, and it was always so tempting to hop the fence that blocked it and go for a stroll. Alas, this was also post-9/11, meaning the odds of getting arrestedas a result had drastically increased. A portion of the route is open now, and more to come ...

-- For a variety of reasons - injury, timing, etc., I'd managed to put off the first decently long run of the year in 70-plus degree conditions and 90+% humidity, until yesterday. Blech. A bit more than an hour, and I was four pounds lighter as the sweat poured down my body. (And I was hydrating throughout). Blech. Obviously I need to do a bit better. Here's a link, BTW, to an attempt to map NYC water fountains.

-- Apropos of nothing: The Princess Bride remains one of the best movies ever. "My name is Inigo Montoya ... "INCONCEIVABLE!" -- so many great quotable lines (I'm reminded because you can now link to Facebook groups directly ... such as the NYRR (or, I suspect you will, when they get it working.)

-- Let's Run has ongoing coverage of the NCAA Division 1 championships, and the amazing Galen Rupp. It's worth clicking on the mini-videos that are part of Day 2 and Day 3 (and are now on the main home page) of the coverage to watch the final three minutes of his 10K and 5K victories, respectively. Ahh, to have that kind of talent.

-- If you wanted to get in some low-impact (i.e. grass, trails) *downhill* running - say at least a good 200 meter stretch, where would you go? It's easy to find pavement - it's less so to find the low-impact stuff. The wooden slats on the Brooklyn Bridge aren't bad, but not preferable, especially on the weekends when Tourist Hell arrives.

-- Woefully behind on calendar/fall marathon lists, etc. Will have downtime at weird hours this weekend, so watch for updated posts. Happy trails.

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ChickenUnderwear said...

That list attempt to map NYC water fountains is a nice start. The Prospect Park Track Club Blog ( has been keeping a list of fountains that work all winter