Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fall Marathons: Get Ready

Didn’t get into the big marathons this fall (I’m talking New York, Chicago or Marine Corps)?

Never fret, there are plenty of Northeast marathons to choose from – some flat, some challenging, some picturesque, all of them still open (hopefully) as this writing.

Here’s a list as you ponder your travel/training plans. There may be some smaller ones that I’ve missed, and if you know of any that are worthwhile, by all means, post a comment or send an e-mail. It does look like the Westchester Marathon and the Atlantic City Marathon won’t be held this fall (based on the lack of information on their Web sites) – if someone knows of dates of these races, please let me know.

By all means, check out if you’re thinking about traveling elsewhere – it has an extensive list, along with comments from racers, elevation charts, etc.

Aug. 25: Self-Transcendence Marathon, NY

Sept. 13: Rochester Marathon, NY

Sept. 13: Lehigh Valley Marathon, NY

Sept. 13: Erie Marathon, PA

Sept. 20: Adirondack Marathon, NY

Sept. 20: Yonkers Marathon, NY

Sept. 26: Hamptons Marathon, NY

Sept. 27: Clarence Demar Marathon, NH

Oct. 3: New Hampshire Marathon, NH

Oct. 4: Maine Marathon, ME

Oct. 4: Wineglass Marathon, NY

Oct. 10: Hartford Marathon, CT

Oct. 11: Mohawk Hudson Marathon, NY

Oct. 11: Steamtown Marathon, PA

Oct. 18: Bay State Marathon, MA

Oct. 18: Amica Marathon, RI

Oct. 18: Mount Desert Island Marathon, ME

Oct. 25: Cape Cod Marathon, MA

Nov. 1: Manchester City Marathon, NH

Nov. 8: Harrisburg Marathon, PA

Nov. 14: Richmond Marathon, VA

Nov. 22: Philadelphia Marathon, PA