Wednesday, March 21, 2012

NYRR and Brooklyn Half at Community Board 9

New York Road Runners is appearing before Community Board 9 in Brooklyn on March 27. Here's the description of the agenda item:

1. Representatives for the New York Road Runners Club will inform of their plans to expand the Brooklyn Half Marathon from within the confines of Prospect Park to neighborhood streets. The event is scheduled for Saturday, May 19th 2012. Proposed street closings include: Eastern Parkway; Washington Avenue; Empire Blvd; Flatbush Avenue; Grand Army Plaza; Ocean Avenue; Parkside Avenue. The route also includes Prospect Park; Ocean Parkway to Surf Avenue to Coney Island Boardwalk. Also invited to address any related questions that may arise are representatives from the Dept. of Transportation and the Police Department.

Wow, so exactly what *has* been approved? NYRR has said the race is on May 19. Now the question is: Where?

Well, we'll find out March 27.


Chicken Underwear said...

add a mile to this

maybe an out and back on Flatbush from GAP to Empire Blvd.

But I really don't care. I decide to run the Bob Potts Marathon in York PA. I don't wanna deal with the NYRR drama.

Chicken Underwear said...


I was close.