Thursday, March 22, 2012

Brooklyn Half Opens Monday (3/26) at Noon

Race fee is $45 if you're a NYRR member and sign up by April 9, though it will be closed by then.

Of course, it hasn't yet been approved, but here's the course posted on the NYRR site:

You’ll start on Washington Avenue, just south of Eastern Parkway, and head south to Empire Boulevard, where you’ll turn right. You’ll take another right onto Flatbush Avenue, run to Grand Army Plaza, and do a complete counter-clockwise lap of the plaza’s outer circle. You’ll turn right onto Flatbush Avenue again and take that to Ocean Avenue, then turn right onto Parkside Avenue and enter Prospect Park at Prospect Park Circle, just past the 3.5-mile point. You’ll run one full counter-clockwise loop of Prospect Park (3.35 miles) and leave the park (just past the race’s halfway point) via the main exit near Prospect Park Circle. Continue straight through to Park Circle, run around the north quarter of the circle, and turn right onto the Ocean Parkway/Fort Hamilton Parkway entrance ramp. Bear left onto the Ocean Parkway entrance ramp and merge onto Ocean Parkway, on which you’ll run five very straight, flat, and fast miles to Surf Avenue. You’ll bear right and run in Surf Avenue’s eastbound traffic lanes (keep the traffic median on your right), then turn left (south) onto West 10th Street and continue to the end of the street, where you’ll be directed up ramps onto the Boardwalk. You’ll turn right and head to the finish, which is on the Boardwalk near Henderson Walk/Stillwell Avenue.

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