Friday, December 2, 2011

NYC Half Prices: $117 for NYRR Members

Would you pay $117 ($128 if you're not a member of NYRR) to run a half marathon?

This easily could be the most expensive road half-marathon in the continental U.S. Maybe the world. (If you've seen anything, more costly - not including some of the trail runs - holler).

I appreciate that the costs to run through Times Square on an early Sunday morning are huge. But ...

NYRR comments on why the costs are so high:

"Operating costs that significantly affect the race -- like gas, insurance, and bridge tolls -- continue to rise, which increases the cost of doing business in the world's greatest city for running. Our race fee has gone up due to these increased race operation costs and city agency fees, which are required to maintain our world-class standards in safety and quality."

It's a legitimate concern (though the last time I checked the NYC Half route didn't actually go past any tollbooths - but maybe that's next!). It's unclear here how much the elite appearance fees, or lack of a title sponsor, also affect the cost. (Personally, I'd rather this be a great half marathon to showcase the best local talent, rather than one of the many elite events NYRR puts on, though that's just me.)

Here's an alternative suggestion. Run any one of the NYRR half marathons (the Manhattan Half right now costs $25) and donate the rest to any one of the deserving local charities (City Harvest is my current choice) or the NYRR Foundation to support youth running in the city.

I've got a qualification slot to run this March, but I'm pretty sure I'll be racing elsewhere that day.


Danny said...

The Vegas half started at I think $135 this year and by the time registration closed it was up to about $170. The draw is that it is run are night up and down the strip.

DebbieJRT said...

I believe the Disney races are up there, as well. Disneyland Half goes from $150 to $180. I gave up on the NYC Half a few years ago. Ran it twice, before the prices started going crazy, and now I'm done.

mlittle said...

dallas run the rock half was $110 this year.

Anonymous said...

I think that's why the guys who developed the Holiday Marathon did what they did. The races are free and you can donate to keep it going.

Anonymous said...

Tolls and gas refer to the fact that NYRR warehouses their race equipment in one of the outer boroughs, not that the race goes past toll booths. Agree with the other posts - Disney races and the Rock 'n' Roll races are pricey, too.