Saturday, December 31, 2011

$216 for NY Marathon?

Sigh, it's true (and more if you're not a member). Reminder, however, that the NYC Half was on the high end, so we shouldn't be surprised. NYC is hurting, and it's passing along fee increases - and the NYC Marathon is passing it along to us as well.

Given the demand to get into the race, this is definitely a sustainable price (think about the prices for Broadway productions), so don't expect a reduction.

One request for NYRR: Disclose how much you are paying for appearance fees, and how that has changed over the years. To keep the elite athletes coming here is a deliberate (and defensible) decision. However, if that's the reason why the fees are being boosted, then tell the running community that.

I'm pretty sure there are more expensive marathons in the U.S. (My readers will confirm - and I will research!) But this certainly is one of the highest.

On that note: Happy New Year! My apologies for the scarcity of posts over the past few months - ironically, an increased focus on running contributed. 2012, I'm hoping to get back to a regular posting, including race results and a renewed focus on local runners.


Samantha said...

NYC is hurting? Really? I'm glad I ran NYCM last year, but kind of bittersweet since it's probably the only/last time I'll ever do it.

Anonymous said...

How about all the money coming into the city because of the race? With the new qualifying times for 2013 and other restrictions, NYC marathon has become a money circus for the tourism industry. Every changes they have made is to hurt the chances of local runners with a Metrocard getting in.