Friday, December 2, 2011

Jingle Bell Jog Now a 6K

Umm, yeah. "Unexpected construction work on Center Drive" (did it suddenly get blocked off in the past week?) makes the course now 3.7 miles rather than 4 miles.

The good thing: There will be a ton of PRs!

No course map is available, though the race starts and finishes on Center Drive.

Entry fees are $50 thru Dec. 9. Proceeds benefit NYRR's Youth Programs.


Samantha said...

I'm not one to defend NYRR, but when I ran the Brooklyn Marathon there was a bit of construction going on, and a friend I was running with actually did trip on one of the fence posts that was sticking maybe they're just being overly cautious.

Brooklyn Runner said...

Good point - that may have been the impetus since both transverses have their issues. And to be fair I haven't been on Center Drive since last week, so there may have been additional work done.

Chicken Underwear said...

The fences are now gone.