Sunday, May 1, 2011

Random Thoughts on a Sunday Evening

Having completed a run over the Brooklyn Half Marathon course earlier today, my dislike for the Ocean Parkway segment continues. Blech. But it is what it is, and it's refreshing to know that my ability to read the alphabet is still there (look, there's Avenue M ... Avenue N ...)

*If you did get one of the coveted slots (there's an offer for a number on Craig's List to buy one for $25 - not endorsing, just saying), make sure you're taking the time to go over the two parts of the course. Running Zoo Hill twice isn't a picnic.

*One of the highlights of the run today was being able to do it with two complete strangers (brought together by organized happenstance). The conversation flowed well, and it's always great to meet people who have the potential to be running friends.

*Gotta say, after watching the NYC 5-boro bike tour, I'm plotting how to run on the BQE.

*What's up with the water fountains in Prospect Park? Finally the ones on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade got turned on, but some of the oldies but goodies at PP (including the one in the woods by the GAP pathway) are nowhere in site. Even the ones by the lake are sporadic - some on, some off.

*We're hip-deep into spring racing season, and there's a ton of stuff out there. One race coming up next weekend is a hidden gem - the Newport 10K in Jersey City. Fast, flat course, easy to get to, and it doesn't consist of a loop in Central Park.


Chicken Underwear said...

The "new" water fountain by the Lakeside Center constructions site has been working for a few weeks now. Also, according to the dudes in hardhats, the ditch that they left in the running lane will be fixed in phase two of the project.

Anonymous said...

hello first time running the Brooklyn half. Do you know if the course going to be the same as last year? 2 loops around PP, and then a beeline down Ocean Pwky to Coney Island?

Caroline @ French Ponytail said...

When training for the More/Fitness Magazine Half Marathon in Central Park on Apr. 3rd, I THOUGHT I ran the Brooklyn half course, except I accidentally ran down Ocean AVENUE instead of Ocean PARKWAY. Just sayin', if you think Ocean Parkway is boring, try running past nothing but occasional medical centers for pretty much 10 miles straight.

Bryan said...

i heard that it will be opposite this year?
start from CI, end in the park