Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Brooklyn Half Weather

The sun is out now (I swear, I saw it for a brief moment), a brief respite the misting, spitting, drizzling, pelting, pouring rain we've had over the past couple of days (and more on the way it seems through Friday).

(Of course now it seems all the water fountains are on!)

I had early hopes of temps in the 50s for the 7 a.m. start of Saturday's Brooklyn Half, only to be dashed by NY1. And a check at weather.com indicates this is the current forecast:

High of 71, low of 59, possible thundershowers.

For the heat-misers among us, rejoice. I'm suspecting it's going to be a sweaty, humid mess (like it was this AM ugh). It may be dry, which is a good thing. And keep in mind, if you know the shoes that you're going to race in, keep them dry - the last thing you want is to head to the starting line with shoes still damp from Thursday's run.

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