Friday, May 20, 2011

Last Minute Thoughts for Tomorrow's Brooklyn Half

*So the weather isn't really going to cooperate. If anything a little rain might be nice. We're talking 61 degrees and humid at the start - and it'll be 66 by the time you finish. So make sure you're properly hydrated, hit the water stops at the race - even consider carrying a water bottle.

*The F-train - well, it's a bit fff-d up if you get my drift. No F-train between Jay Street and Church Street, which means you might need to rely on the shuttle bus the MTA will have running. It's also going to make it a bit of a hassle to get out to Coney Island (or back), especially for spectators, if that's the line you're relying on. Details are here. Obviously other ways to get to the park; Grand Army Plaza is about 1 mile from the start, however.

*Remember you need to use the clear plastic bag for your baggage.

*Do not wear your ugly orange Brooklyn Half shirt during the race. You haven't earned it yet :-)

*Do, however, soak your legs/body in the surf.

*Above all, have fun. No, it's not likely that you'll convince many people to join you in Coney Island at 9 a.m. So kick back, have a Gatorade/beer or two, and get them out there for later in the day.

Good luck everyone.

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