Saturday, October 30, 2010

New York Marathon Clock Ticks Down

And now starts the blitz of local coverage, a bit more than 7 days (tick tick tick) before the start time for many of you. (Good luck everyone!!)

The NYRR has a wealth of information. Doubtless you're aware of it, but in case you're not ...

*Week events are here: Tons of stuff worth looking at

The NYRR 5, next Friday morning, now has an additional incentive: 5 runners who enter will be guaranteed entry in the NYC Marathon in 2011 - the first 5 official entrants. I'm looking to see if this is just a guaranteed entry, or if the entry fees, whatever they may be, will be paid. (Note the $40 fee for members, the $50 fee for non-members)

Remember: Don't get messed up by Daylight savings time (back an hour that night, which of course means an extra hour you don't sleep)

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