Saturday, October 2, 2010

Age Group Results and Sharing Numbers

So ... Grete's Gallop preliminary results have been posted (more analysis in a sec), and the top two age-graded results in Brooklyn belong to runners bearing the names Pearl Jones (1st in the F 80-84 category, with a whopping 111% AG result) and Barbara Grcevic (91%, 1st in the F 50-55 category).

A quick search of past histories of both runners indicates that neither have run today's times - or anything remotely close to them - in the past. So, one suspects that the results will be adjusted, and the proper winners will be picked. (And if I'm incorrect here, my humblest apologies).

Not everyone can afford to eat $20-$25 if they can't make a race - so with that in mind, I completely understand why people sell/give their numbers away, especially for these NYRR races. But, c'mon. If you're going to do it, don't mess up the age groups.

(I've said this before, will say it again - there needs to be a process where people can give up their numbers and not suffer. It's not a difficult process, and many other races do it).

Open to other suggestions, so please chime in (and since I know NYRR folk read this blog, a) make sure you fix the times and b) listen to the suggestions).

Back off the pedestal. Results analysis coming shortly.

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Rachel said...

The race results seem to be messed up across the board. The top finishers in the 85+ category, a 91-year-old man and a 91-year-old woman, appear in other NYRR events as a 24-year-old man and woman with the same name -- so it seems like the ages just got messed up somehow.