Saturday, June 26, 2010

Running in the Heat

There are reasons to run in hot, humid temperatures. Say, for example, you're training for the Queens or Bronx half marathons, and you're looking to mimic race-day conditions. Or you're looking at at a fall marathon and need to get the mileage in.

Then there are the reasons *not* to run in such conditions, or at least tailor your workout to accommodate the heat. Such as today's poor excuse: a 12+-mile run (should have been 15), which started with some promise and slowly dribbled away (like the water I vainly poured over my heat in an attempt to stay cool.) Note to self: a run around the Green-Wood cemetery sounds like a good idea (a little variety, little traffic ... and no water fountains. Yes, there a couple of bodegas, if I'd planned a bit more ahead).

I don't care that the Watchtower clock said it was 73 degrees when I crossed the Brooklyn Bridge later - the strength-zapping humidity more than made up for it. I'd also think my body had at least acclimatized, a little, to the temperatures given the weather over the last few weeks. Uh uh.

I know others feel my pain. And probably some of my dehydration (despite drinking Gatorade, water and lemonade for several hours, it wasn't until mid-afternoon before the need to use the bathroom arose). It seems a lot more humid sooner in the year (could just be me).

So, to actually add some value to this vent, let me steal a line from when of the better cop shows: "Let's be careful out there." Don't overdo it. Make sure you're hydrated. And run smart (i.e. modify your workout to take into account the temperatures.)

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Dan said...

I also did a long run on Saturday morning just to be sure I still could (especially in this heat) since in a fit of excitement I registered for both the Bronx and Queens half. Have you run both races before? Any insight on the courses? Would love if you could post about both races!