Saturday, June 5, 2010

Humidity. Blech. A New Source for Relief

As I feared, the humidity and temps made it a soggy day to go running. Did an easy 6+ and was drenched.

There was some good news - I checked out the new kiddie park at the end of Atlantic Ave. in Brooklyn Heights by Pier 6 that just opened. (With my kids, later).

And there's a pretty awesome sprinkler park that looks like the perfect place, if needed, to stop by and stick your head in (realizing, of course, that some 5-year-olds and their parents may be looking at you askance). But any park that allows you to soak your head quickly - awesome.

It's also a great place to bring your kids (though no shade at this point ).

Despite all the controversy about the development along the water ... I've got to say, a few years from now, when everything is in place, I think it's going to be pretty cool.

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