Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wednesday 10-miler

Had some extra time today, so ran a bit longer than I normally would in mid-week (though if the marathon training kicks into gear, suspect that will change).

Anyway, wanted to do 10 miles, starting from Brooklyn Heights - there are a variety of options, but I realized I hadn't been over the Williamsburg Bridge in a bit, so figured I'd do a loop - over the Brooklyn Bridge, down to the river, then back over Williamsburg and back along Kent and Flushing (detouring a bit through Dumbo)

One of the benefits to this run is a working bathroom just north of the Williamsburg Bridge (the water fountain is turned off, but the sink is still running) that's generally been clean the few times I've had to use it.

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ChickenUnderwear said...

I have always dreaded running back to Brooklyn on the Williamsburg Br. because I can never find a nice route back to Grand Army Plaza. I always wind up on Bedford Ave ... then Lafayette. Following the NYC Marathon route backwards. Looking at your make enlightened me to Kent and Flushing Avenues.

Thank you.