Friday, December 11, 2009

NYRR Volunteer Stuff

The NYRR has posted volunteer requirements to accomplish the "9+1" requirement to gain guaranteed entry to the New York Marathon in 2011.

First off: If you're hoping to use a January race to fulfill your 2010 NYC Marathon volunteer requirement, you're out of luck. From the Web site:

"Volunteering at 2010 races satisfies the volunteering requirement for the 2011 marathon only—not the 2010 marathon."

(I don't know at this point if you can still volunteer for the two remaining races on the 2009 NYRR calendar, though you can still run them. The 4M race in Brooklyn tomorrow remains open for runners; the 15K in Central Park is filling up.)

But there's an out, of course:

- You can meet your 9+1 Program volunteering requirement by sending a substitute volunteer. This person simply indicates at the race that he/she is volunteering on your behalf.

(I thought about making fun of this, and cracking a bunch of jokes. But the fact is: That's wrong. I realize there are legitimate reasons that someone isn't able to volunteer at a local race. But if you're running 9 NYRR races to qualify - and then convince/pay/con someone else to volunteer for you? You can't come into NYC for a 10th race? Get over it. Give back to the running community and volunteer. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY. I'd rather see the NYRR add a provision allowing for people to volunteer in local races (Brooklyn perhaps).) I welcome comments on this, as always.

Don't dawdle when you're deciding on a race. Again, according to the Web site:

Volunteers MUST register early in 2010 to ensure a volunteer spot at a 2010 race. When a race has reached its volunteer capacity, the race will be removed as a volunteer registration choice on the Web site.

(Right now, all the races posted on the NYRR Web site for January and February seem to be open).

Again, super-important: If you want to do this program, you must be a member of NYRR. And that means a) signing up before Jan. 31, 2010, and b) maintaining your membership through November 2011 for the race.

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ChickenUnderwear said...

That is crazy that someone else can volunteer for you. I thought it was about being part of the "NYRR Community"