Monday, November 16, 2009

NYC Marathon 2010 Notes

Couple of updates, as things have become a bit clearer:

-- The NYC 2010 application Web site has modified the language a bit about buses leaving from Brooklyn to the race start:

"Brooklyn and LaGuardia -- Transportation to the start will be provided for participants staying in select hotels booked through our travel partner, Anthony Travel, Inc."

So, no. At this point, Brooklyn residents still would have to use local travel from running clubs, head into Manhattan for travel, or take the ferry over. (Or swim, but it'll be cold.).

-- For those looking to use the qualifying time option to get into New York, note the races have to be run by Jan. 31, 2010, with the exceptions of the NYC Half (no sense yet on how entries will be handled) or Boston (already closed). If last year's half marathon schedule is any indication, that means the Manhattan Half could be a final chance ... but not Bronx. Naples anyone?

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Bobby said...

I qualified by running in last year's Philly marathon. If any of you are running Philly this year and your times qualify, you can run Boston in 2011 - provided you apply in time. I applied the day registration opened this past September. Also, book your hotel a year early - That's it and good luck to those running Philly on Sunday, I'll be there.