Monday, November 9, 2009

Crankin' on Cross Country

OK, enuf of the post-NYC marathon blahs - let's get cranking on some cross-country races, especially since the weather is so cooperative.

Perhaps not today, I'll admit I love 60 degree days, but it's a little warm for the crisp, cutting edge of the air you need (and the breath you can see) before the start of a good, old-fashioned X/C clash. But what about last weekend?

While it's creeping into the middle of November, and your race season is winding down, there's still at least three races you want to put on your schedule:

Nov. 15: NYRR X/C Championships (5K), Van Cortlandt

The traditional 5K course at Van Cortlandt in the Bronx. A great race.

Dec. 5: Peter Rabbit 3 Mile (Prospect Park)

Great local race. It's two loops of the main lawn in Prospect Park, and deceptively difficult (try running it on your own some time). Last year, frost had set in.

Dec. 13: NYRR Pete McArdle X/C Classic (15K), Van Cortlandt

Three loops. Use some of that marathon training to pound out a solid time.

Lace up the flats or the X/C spikes and get out there - what are you waiting for?

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ChickenUnderwear said...

You just reminded me I wanted to run the 15K on Dec 13. Fearing it might fill up I just went to the NYRR website. This is the message.

"Fax and online registration is now closed. Runners can register in Van Cortlandt Park on race day."

The race is over a month away. I hope this is a mistake of some sort.

My verification word is "trailmen", this can't be random. No