Saturday, November 28, 2009

Cider Time

One good thing is that, when it's the time of year when the water fountains start getting turned off, it's the time of year to make sure you bring an extra couple of bucks with you to get some hot cider at Grand Army Plaza once you've finished your run.

Today's run, in the blustery, 45-degree temperatures, was fairly straightforward. Grand Army Plaza, over the Brooklyn Bridge, back on the Manhattan Bridge, then thru Dumbo and Brooklyn Heights before heading back. No one was interested in running fast, so the group I was with kept it at an easy pace, and started taking some random turns as we headed back to Grand Army. If you head straight back after the Manhattan Bridge, it's probably closer to 9.5 miles ... but as I mentioned, we decided to stray.

Most fountains were turned off, though note the fountain by the entrance of the north side of the Promenade (near Orange Street) is still functioning ... for now. And the cider, albeit a bit expensive at $2, was well worth it, if only to warm the hands.

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