Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Why I Run ...

Tonight was a perfect example.

After setting up arrangements to meet some friends at Grand Army Plaza, I was stymied by the sluggish MTA service this evening, so arrived 15 minutes late.

Figuring I'd meet up with anyone who did make it, I started a clockwise route of Prospect Park, only to quickly find another runner, who'd also missed her group start.

Our 10 minute conversation was pleasant (she found her group, I didn't), but so was the winter wonderland as the snow kept falling, creating the magical scene that occurs every December during the first or second snowfall.

I got hammered with snow in the eyes on the top half of the park (memo to self: wear baseball hat over Under Armour beanie), but the run home was simply beautiful. Holiday lights, early snowfall - what's not to like?

1 comment:

Michael said...

Sorry you missed us, we had a great time. I will blog about itlater this afternoon.