Friday, December 5, 2008

Many NYRR Races Capped at 5000 in 2009

This posted on the NYRR Web site in relation to Central Park races:

"Why is NYRR capping races?
At NYRR races, our commitment is to deliver a high-quality runner experience. Our races are more popular than ever, so we are capping our Central Park races at 5,000 participants to enhance the race-day experience for all. Some races, such as the NYRR New York Mini 10K and Grete’s Great Gallop, will have higher caps; these races will be identified on our online race calendar. Kids’ races will not be capped."

Immediate implication: Many of the races were hitting 6,000 or more - that means that stragglers will no longer be able to sign up at the last moment. Does mean that, theoretically, things should move smoother.

What's not said here: Central Park folk are getting upset at us runners on the weekends.

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