Saturday, December 6, 2008

Random Thoughts on a Saturday Afternoon

Sitting here, trying to figure out why my neck muscles have contracted for the second time this month (might have something to do with trading the bed for the couch after our 2-year-old refused (again) to sleep through the night in her bed ...) Ahh, but there is more worthy commentary ...

** Think runners are obsessive? Try these hikers who go after the 48 4,000 footers in New Hampshire every month of the year (I've got about two-thirds of them at least once) ...

** My blogging friend whatyoudon'tknowbecauseyourarentme culled these comments from the blogosphere about the PPTC Turkey Trot - a great selection (and thanks for the kudos!)

** The New York Times has this about the NYRR capping races in Central Park at 5,000. Head honcho Mary Wittenberg also talks about caps for the NYC Half and NYRR Marathon, though these are already in place in some fashion because of the lottery.

** Speaking of which, I bet tomorrow's Joe Kleinerman breaks 7,000 finishers ... and the Peter Rabbit X/C race in Prospect Park breaks 70 ...

** Which would be worse - running the Queens Half in August or the Bronx Half in the dead of summer?

** Did you get your volunteer duty done yet?

** Slope Sports and JackRabbit are among the Park Slope merchants participating in the Buy in Brooklyn campaign Thursday night, with many open later that evening to encourage some holiday shopping. Definitely worth checking out to see what deals are available.

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