Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saturday Running Thoughts

*I love the fact that you can identify the hard-core folk aiming for New York Marathon in a couple of weeks (or Philly, or any of the late fall marathons). It's the belts, of course, with water, gel etc. It's the camaraderie (Yes, I've spelled this right). My run today, 15m, I nodded to several others out there in the final throes of training.

*Spent an hour at the tail end of the Rock 'N Roll 10K in Prospect Park. Purely judging on the music -- *THERE WERE NO LIVE BANDS*. I know the DJs tried, but cmon. My group passed four DJ stations, and no bands (3 on the loop, one on the upper transverse). If I missed any, apologies and I'll correct. But for the price of the race (I hope they got a great goodie bag), let's have some great music.

Searchable results should be here: The winning time: a blazing 29:01 (wow)

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Chicken Underwear said...

There was a band in The Neathermead