Saturday, October 29, 2011

Running the Bridges and Brooklyn Waterfront

There's something to be said about mashing together two shorter running routes to get a good 10K run in.

One of my staple runs is to start at the Brooklyn Promenade near Remsen, head over the Brooklyn Bridge, and then head back. It's just shy of 4 miles, and I'll do it usually when I have just a half hour to run.

With a bit more time this morning (and not meeting up with any of my usual Saturday cohorts), I decided to mix together this run with a Brooklyn waterfront run. So after getting into Manhattan, I headed into Chinatown and came back to Brooklyn via the Manhattan Bridge. From there, it was straight into Dumbo, where I hugged the water (and farted around in Brooklyn Bridge Park near Pier 1 for a bit) all the way to Atlantic, then headed back up to the Promenade.

The route is about 6.4 miles, give or take, and is nice in are really only a few places where the cars may interrupt your running. You also get two long "bridge" hills and a short, but steeper, approach from the water up Jouralemon (or, if you choose to modify it, up Atlantic).

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