Sunday, July 3, 2011

Plot Strategy for Your NYC Marathon Qualifiers

UPDATED this post to correct and reflect that the Club Championships is a marathon qualifier!)

As of now, all the summer qualifiers are closed until Aug. 27 (except for the Club Championships ... and you have to be a club member to race that)

The way things have been going, qualifying races have been closing out 2 weeks to 2 months ahead of time, so be alert.

Based on the NYRR event calendar, here's the number of remaining qualifiers that are still open (and remember, you need a volunteer entry as well):

*July: 0
*August: 3
*September: 3
*October: 3 (details on Grete's aren't up yet - both races that day may be qualifiers)
*November: 2
*December: 4

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