Friday, July 1, 2011

Go Fourth and Run

I love three-day weekends, because it means there's the opportunity to get in two long runs and not suffer (too much).

Or, you can run long on Saturday and race Monday.

Or ... and you knew this was coming, you can do both (see option two).

Two races I want to highlight this weekend, though there are plenty in the region:

*Pepper Martin 5 Mile out in Staten Island. Absolutely wonderful local race, with a killer hill and great post-race party.

*The July 4th Marathon up at Van Cortlandt Park. I've never done one of these trail holiday races, which range from 6.5 mile parts and up, though I might make my way up this weekend. It consists of one or more loops on the gradual Van Cortlandt trails (as opposed to the undulating X/C course and the punishing Cemetery Hill). As the motto for this free community race states: Just show up and run.

And the great thing? On this one, you can go long ... and race.

Happy holidays everyone.

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