Saturday, June 25, 2011

Running in the Humidity

Phew, this has been one tough week to run.

I've done my best to dodge the humidity, running in the early mornings, late evenings where the temperature has been great. Not really all that successful, I've found, with sweat dripping off my brow within a mile, and regularly coming back from runs having dropped 3-4 pounds despite efforts to stay hydrated.

But if you're training for a late summer/early fall race, you've got to do it. Need I remind the Boston Marathon wannabes (me! me!) who are looking for a last-minute qualifying time for 2012, the entries open on Sept. 12, which pretty much rules out most of the great fall marathons in the area.

As I was reminded earlier after whining to folk about today's run, which was cut short ... again ... by the humidity: You set a goal, you go after it, you do what you have to do.

Today's run: Prospect Park, over the Brooklyn Bridge, a loop around the southern tip of Manhattan, back up to the Williamsburg Bridge, over and then along Kent and Flushing before finally collapsing near the Brooklyn Bridge Park. 4 miles short of the planned 20.

So, you pick yourself up, and do it again. :-) Maybe tomorrow will be better.

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