Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Random Thoughts on a Tuesday Evening

The Brooklyn Bridge stinks ... literally ... at various points because of the painting. And we're in the midst of the summer tourism-hell season (with bikers who continue to ride over during rush hour). And yet we continue to go up there.

*Actually, the best time, paint smell not withstanding, I've found is the early morning. With the summer solstice upon us, you can actually capture the rising sun as part of your run - one of the prettiest sights here in NYC.

*Interesting article in the NYTimes on the 10% cap rule (i.e. you should only increase your mileage by 10 percent each week). I'm firmly of the belief that a) you train as to how your body lets you and b) rules are made to be broken. I have a colleague who jumps up mileage on one week, and then holds it for 3-4 weeks, breaks it down a week to recover, and then does it again.

*With the summer heat and humidity upon us, it's time to get creative. Rather than pounding out 15 miles, think about a two-a-day (breaking it up 7 in the AM, 8 in the PM) or run in the evening and then in the morning.

Some race updates:

*The NYRR Front Runners 5m on June 25 is now closed. The Achilles Hope & Possibility 5m on June 26 still has slots open.

*NYCRuns has links to both a Bad Ass Bay Ridge 5K and a Bad Ass Bay Ridge Challenge (with an an obstacle course) on June 25

*This is the on week for both the PPTC 5K in Prospect Park (on Wednesday) and the VCTC X-C race on Thursday.

*The Governor's Island 10K, however, is also closed at this point.

Get out there and run. And plan your summer vacations around some great running experiences, whether it be races or simply running in places you wouldn't normally.

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