Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lessons Learned

One would think that, having run in Brooklyn for umpteen years, I'd have learned a few lessons. Obviously, I had forgotten the following:

*One does not run on the Brooklyn Bridge on a gorgeous weekday evening on a holiday week. Never. ever.

*When one runs past someone with a dog, always keep the owner in between you and the not-always-so-friendly-likely-to-bark/lunge-at you-canine.

Cardinal rules. Violated both tonight. I'll remember this. On the plus side, got in an ~8 mile run at a respectable pace (except for the Brooklyn Bridge). So life isn't too bad.


Danny said...

Do you have a particularly good way to avoid dogs lunging at you while you're running? I still have the gash marks from a dog who tried to take a bite out of my thigh last November on 4th Ave. in Brooklyn, and though I try to give them a wide berth and look anywhere but at them when I run by, it still makes me a little jittery.

Brooklyn Runner said...

Other than not running near them, no. Dogs get very excited if they are surprised, so when I'm walking, I tend to stop and let them sniff me. Running, I'm less apt to do this, so I tend to put the dog owner between myself and the dog. Not always possible, obviously.