Sunday, February 20, 2011

Quick Thoughts From Cherry Tree

Wouldn't it have been nice to run this morning's race in 60 degree temperatures?

Ahh, last week's flirtation with spring was dashed as a new cold front moved in, complete with a frigid, slashing wind that seemed to blow in random directions (usually as you moved up Zoo Hill). Still, around 1300 people were out in Prospect Park - maybe 1000 doing the 10-mile race and the others doing the relay. (Numbers approximate until the results are posted).

People generally seemed in good spirits, and there was plenty of cheering as the relays went off and circled back to the starting point. Will follow with more details, links to other coverage and results as they become available.

Hats off (or should I say, headwarmers off - that was the goody) to the PPTC and the volunteers who braved the cold for their usual fine jobs!


Anonymous said...

Well done PPTC for a great race today. Cold? Yes!, Windy? Slightly. But a good group of runners and, of course, a great Park!

Chicken Underwear said...

You became a little famous. Thanks for blogging about the Cherry Tree.

Hay. Friday at 10 am it was 60 degrees, Saturday was 40 degrees and SUPER windy and Monday was 25 and snowing. I think we had the best weather of the weekend.