Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Places to Run

Pulling up this question from one of the comments, since there's likely interest from others

Q: "I live near Prospect Park but am not a huge fan of running there - too many people, not a great route. Do you know of any straight tracks in Brooklyn that allow runners access?"

A: Red Hook Track, in Red Hook about 2 mi away from Prospect Park (roughly, depends where you are starting from), is your best bet for a track (if I'm understanding your question correctly - if I'm not, please respond and I'll try to do a better job).

Head down any of the streets (Union, 9th, etc.) across the Gowanus and make your way over to Henry, Hicks or Columbia, then hang a left. There may be a couple of detours, but you'll eventually get there.

Here's a link to NYC tracks.

One suggestion if you are frustrated by the number of people in the park - do a loop using the upper and lower transverses. There are *a lot* fewer people that run there - a loop is about 1.64 mi. (See this park map, with distances)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the response - good to know about the Red Hook track, was completely unaware

zbsports said...

That was a good tracks, thanks for sharing it. Nice one!