Friday, August 20, 2010

Midnight Run Now a Qualifier

NYRR has announced that this year's midnight run on New Year's Eve will be a qualifier either for either the 2010 season (i.e. the last qualifier of the year for the 2011 NYC Marathon) or 2011 (the first qualifier of next year, for the 2012 NYC Marathon), so add it your list if you're doing the Q-route for NYC. There's still plenty out there for the fall, but I've known people who've had to run all three December races to get in, so ...

One wonders (delicately, just asking) why this race should be considered as a qualifier for the NYC Marathon given that it's traditionally a fun run (no times recorded) but, say, none of the many X/C races in Van Cortlandt this fall are.

An aside: As a NYRR member, you pay $35 for this race, though unless there's verification that you've completed the race (i.e. a time), then you've just "bought" one of your nine q-races. (Hey, if you win best costume, do you get a second Q-race?)

This is moot, of course, if times will be recorded, as they may well be (though putting the dang thing on your shoe is a pain at the best of times, could be interesting with a couple of glasses of vino ...).

The description on the site hasn't been updated yet, since it *specifically* says: "Your time will not be recorded, and participation does not count toward qualifying for guaranteed entry to the ING New York City Marathon"), so keep an eye out - maybe you will get a chance to find out your PR while slightly tipsy and sleep-deprived.

I wonder if there will be a race cap ... :-)


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