Saturday, February 13, 2010

Running Conditions - Please Chime In!

Whooh. Just back from a 16-mile run, much of it in Prospect Park, where the outer loop is in pretty good condition. A good number of runners and bikers out there.

The upper loop transverse - Center Drive - is passable, though there are a couple of slushy/packed snow patches. The lower transverse, by the lake, is not in great condition, particularly the bridge that's been blocked off.

Other areas that I saw:

*The Brooklyn Bridge is in surprisingly good condition - the running and bike lanes are both narrowed because the piled up snow, but it's definitely runnable.

* The Brooklyn Heights Promenade has a two-person-wide lane running through it. So if there's no one there, no problem. If there's a dogwalker in front of you, with one of those extending leaches ... problem.

* The Cadman Plaza "track" is covered in packed snow.

* Court Street sidewalks are in generally good conditions. The big problems are the secondary street crossings, where it gets a little dicey at times.

* Union Street is OK. Most of the sidewalks are good, but there are places - particularly by the Gowanus, where they are still covered in snow and there are some serious ice patches. The bike lane is only partially plowed.

* In running along most of the secondary streets, the sidewalks at this point actually seem to be the best bet. Running in the middle of the street is workable (watch for cars, obviously), though all the car owners that waited until today to shovel out their cars are now shoveling the snow into the street.

What about other places? Ocean Parkway? The Coney Island Boardwalk? Shore Road Parkway? Other bridges? If you've been out there running, please comment away.


ChickenUnderwear said...

I think there will be problems with "black ice" on the paved parts of the Brooklyn Bridge for at lest a week. The snow is piled pretty high and the melt is gonna freeze on that sooth sloped concrete.

Brooklyn Runner said...

Agreed. Black ice will be a problem in a lot of places until we get rid of the excess snow, though by later morning it *should* be OK. Ultimately, you need to be careful (the other day, I was running up to Grand Army, hit the yellowish cobblestone there, and almost wiped out.)