Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cherry Tree: Great Race Today

Great conditions for a mid-winter race, and a lot of people seemed to be having a blast. Looked like more than 100 relay teams, and hundreds of runners out for the 10 mile race (I heard a total number of 1,100 starters, but that was third-hand.). No results yet, but they'll be coming, and I'll try to collect, or post links to, other blogs from people talking about the race.

One thought from the trenches: For those of you who have never done a relay race, whether it's a track event (4 x 400), or one of the 24 hour events such as Reach the Beach, or something like this (3 x 3.35m) - it's a lot of fun, and especially great if you're participating in what is a smallish running community where you know a fair number of people (or at least recognize them from loops in the park) and can even participate in a bit of trash talk, even in the team names (Gotta love "Faster Than Dan")

But mostly it's simply cheering everyone on.

Especially if you're not ready to race 10 miles, put this race on your calendar for 2011 and find some friends.


Anonymous said...

Your MTA alert was amazingly helpful. Thanks so much - would have missed the start without your blog. It was a good day out there.

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