Saturday, October 31, 2009

Water Fountain Woes

On the eve of the New York Marathon, the Parks Dept. has started to turn off water fountains. A long-ish run over the Williamsburg Bridge today and back to Prospect Park via Kent, along the BQE, Washington and then Vanderbilt - and several spot-checks (I NEED WATER!) indicated a number of fountains have already been turned off for the winter.

Despite the 60-plus degree temperatures today. Sigh.

The ones in Prospect Park seem to be on, as are the ones in Cadman Plaza. Anyone know of any others turned off?

Don't get me wrong - obviously the risk of pipes freezing necessitates these moves, though it seems weird that they are off in some neighborhoods and not others. It just means some advance planning, in case the temperatures nip higher again, to carry some water.

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