Friday, October 30, 2009

It's Finally Time

Whoohoo, it's finally New York Marathon weekend. Advance congrats to everyone who is toeing the starting line - think about all the hard work, long runs, early morning wakeup calls you've put yourself through to get to this day.

Since you're being inundated by advice, well wishes, etc. I'll limit my comments to one:

-- Plot out the 12-24 hours before the race, knowing what you're doing, what time you're going to bed, what time you're getting up (remember, you ***gain*** an hour for daylight savings time, etc.). Obviously, your routine will change since it is marathon day, but minimize all those changes.

Best of luck everyone.

*** POST UPDATED AND CORRECTED to show that you gain an hour of sleep. See what sleep deprivation does? And thanks to the commenter for pointing the error out ***