Sunday, October 28, 2012

Be Careful!!!

Just back from a run over the Brooklyn Bridge, where the winds across the main span are already hitting a sustained 20+ mph, with a few stronger gusts.

Then from the Promenade, I  was watching down in the Brooklyn Bridge Park area and seeing mini-sandstorms attack runners as they headed north.

Frankenstorm hasn't even started, and we're already seeing the effects. In general, runners tend to think differently than others (why else would we voluntarily put ourselves through the pain and anguish of training for, and completing, a marathon ... and then do it again!)  At the same time, this is the time to be thinking smart.

Parks are shutting down the afternoon - and be smart about this. Yes it might be fun to go running in Prospect Park tomorrow morning. It's also likely to be extremely dangerous.

Running on the Brooklyn streets, even where there aren't a lot of trees also face additional peril from construction (I'm reminded of the death near Kane and Clinton streets during a recent storm - that's right along one of my running routes).

We've seen some amazing weather in Brooklyn at various times. Now's the time to stay safe.

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